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The Challenge: For every $1 invested in agricultural research, it is estimated that $9 worth of food is produced in the developing countries where it is needed most. CGIAR is the largest publicly funded agricultural research network in the world, and Marchmont has been conducting media outreach on their behalf since 2013, through press offices, media retainers, opinion articles and targeted media campaigns.

Our Approach: To make CGIAR’s work as attractive to the media as possible, it has been essential first to align it to the external news agenda – from climate change and migration to, more recently, Covid-19. We then work to accurately and sensitively translate relevant scientific topics into more media-facing pitches and commentary. Marchmont has supported CGIAR around key events including Climate Week, the UN climate talks and the World Food Prize, as well as key launches of CGIAR initiatives such as their Crops to End Hunger initiative and their Covid-19 Hub.

Outcomes: Marchmont has placed CGIAR’s work in a range of top tier and specialist media outlets such as the Guardian, Telegraph, IndependentBBCLa Tribune, National Geographic, NPR, Reuters, ABC, Financial Times, Euractiv, Euronews, World Economic Forum, Eco-Business, Inter Press Service, Diplomatic Courier, The Conversation and AllAfrica. Marchmont also produced an introductory video of CGIAR’s work:

The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)

GIZ infographic

The Challenge: For policymakers, supporting agricultural development can be daunting task– both in terms of what agriculture is expected to achieve for development and also the conditions under which it takes place.

Our Approach: The German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) tasked our team to help shape the content of a comprehensive guide for policymakers that they had written in partnership with the Overseas Development Institute. The report aimed to capture the policy areas where consensus exists as well as where debates and uncertainties still remain lies in which interventions work.

Outcomes: We worked with the report authors to craft new messages for the report; restructured and edited it; and then translated and designed it (view the full report here). We also produced an infographic (English and French versions) to help with the report’s later outreach both online and in workshops throughout Africa.

CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS)

The Challenge: Weather-based index insurance schemes have been piloted across the world, to gauge whether protecting poor farmers against climate risk is possible. No consensus on the factors of success had yet been drawn so the CGIAR Research Program on Climate Change, Agriculture and Food Security (CCAFS) wanted to explore this issue through a short report, which was launched at a high-level event in London.

Our Approach: We helped CCAFS to launch the report as well as producing an cartoon-style infographic that explained the basics of weather-based index insurance and key findings of the report. This was launched on social media during the London event, supported by proactive media outreach.

Outcomes: Top-tier media hits included Bloomberg and Reuters, who both covered the report as the first publication to prove weather-based index insurance can work for smallholders. SciDev, Business Fights Poverty and Voice of America also covered the news.