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CGIAR Consortium

The Challenge: For every $1 invested in agricultural research, it is estimated that $9 worth of food in is produced in the developing countries where it is needed most. CGIAR Consortium is the largest publicly funded agricultural research partnership in the world, and its 15 centres manage over $1 billion of investment. It has been our task to communicate the mission and impact of CGIAR to the global media and important donors throughout the year, as well as at specific events such as Climate Week 2014.

Our Approach: We have been working with CGIAR to develop a number of products to demonstrate the global impact of their research work. This has involved creating an animated corporate video, an visual organogram explaining their network of research centres around the world, and positioning their CEO as a media spokesperson.

Outcomes: We have placed CGIAR’s work in a range of top tier media outlets such as the Guardian, BBC, National Geographic, Al Jazeera and the Financial Times. Our promotion of CGIAR Development Dialogues, the first event to showcase CGIAR’s solutions for solving hunger and poverty in New York during Climate Week in 2014 was attended by the New York Times and National Geographic.