Marchmont provides full-service communications support for virtually any situation. We excel in understanding complex policy issues and crafting solutions that address the specific needs of our clients within them. 

Strategic communications

A clear and targeted strategy can save you time and help you deliver the impact you seek.  Let us help you refine your objectives and messages; identity target audiences and influencers; and craft ambitious, creative and measurable plans to see you to the finish line. We offer:

Strategy workshops | Sector and audience audits | Brand, communications and media planning | Written and multimedia content | Crisis communications

Message development

Welcome to the information age! The average person is presented with a novel’s worth of information each day, or around 54,000 words, coming from every direction. Cut through the chaos with punchy, crisp and persuasive messages.  It can make all the difference. We offer:

Messaging workshops | Message development | Message testing | Message integration | Spokesperson training

Advocacy campaigns & events

Whether it’s policy reform, stakeholder mobilisation or behaviour change you’re after, we can put the spring in your campaign’s step.  From start to finish,  we can work to ensure your effort, and of those around you, materialises into impact. We offer:

Campaign planning | Stakeholder mapping and engagement | Communications and media planning | Campaign content development | Event management

Research & writing

Good writing is built around an insight around which an argument unfolds.  It is tailored for the audience you want to reach and reflects their expertise, interests and backgrounds. We offer:

Literature reviews | Media articles (op-eds, features, news stories) | Policy briefs | Marketing materials | Language translations Online content

Web, video & graphic design

Compelling stories are only as good as how they are presented to the audiences you want to reach.  Aligning your narrative, making it come alive and compelling people to take action because of it – that’s what good multimedia content delivers. We offer:

Website development | Video production and motion graphics | Infographics | Visual identity development | Reports | Presentations

Media relations

We have cultivated a global network of top-tier journalists with whom we have built trust – by crafting meaningful, stand-out stories, pitched and followed up correctly. Or let us track emerging issues and trends in the media and turn them into opportunities for proactive reputation management. We offer:

Media planning | Press kits | On-site press office support | Media outreach | Media monitoring | Crisis management | Media training

Social media

More than ever before, campaigns can take off overnight via social media. These online platforms can also dismantle reputations or be a distracting waste of precious time and resources if mismanaged and targeted to the right audiences. We help craft the perfect content, identify and test the right mix of channels (organic or paid-for) to reach your objectives. We offer:

Online campaign planning and strategies | Online audience mapping and monitoring | Development of social media messages, toolkits and multimedia content | Community recruitment and management


The workshops which we run are designed to build your in-house capacity to run effective communications and advocacy programmes or to bring together key stakeholders (internal and/or external) to inform your future planning. We offer:

Media training sessions | “Writing for the web” workshops | Media pitching workshops | Communication planning workshops | Social media workshops | Advocacy campaigning workshops | Focus groups