World Bank Group

The Challenge: As the largest and arguably most prominent development bank in the world, the World Bank Group provides financing to developing countries across a wide array of issues. The Group has come to Marchmont for support with various of these initiatives, including branding and launching new programmes, facilitating workshops, conducting stakeholder mappings, and raising the visibility and support for existing activities globally. These include their:

  • Climate Funds Unit
  • Disruptive Agricultural Technologies (DAT) Challenges
  • FoodSystems2030
  • Food Systems, Land Use and Restoration (FOLUR) Impact Programme
  • Global Food Safety Partnership

Our Approach: Every scope of work is first carefully planned to meet the broader goals of the initiative as creatively and efficiently as possible. Marchmont will typically lead a kick-off call after reviewing the existing background materials, querying objectives, audiences, calls-to-action and channels before refining the approach to deliver results worthy of the World Bank’s global profile. We often coordinate in tight timeframes and with teams working across different time zones.

Outcomes: Highlights of media coverage include top-tier outlets like the Economist, the Telegraph, Deutsche Welle, CNBC Africa, Xinhua and the Independent, as well as key specialist and regional media like The East African, Africa Tech and KTN News.

Marchmont also created several new brand identities, logos and related design collateral for various new initiatives: 

Marchmont also oversaw the production of several video assets, including a documentary-style photofilm for the Disruptive Agricultural Technologies (DAT) Challenge in Nairobi (viewable here) and an introductory video for the Global Food Safety Partnership (viewable here).