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Gillian Hadfield

The Challenge: To promote her book, Rules for a Flat World, Professor Gillian Hadfield approached Marchmont for support including a revision of her website, messaging, media outreach and social media management – all of which would showcase the range of legal and economic issues for which she is known.

Our Approach: Marchmont established a consistent and engaging brand identity, including a revision of Prof. Hadfield’s website and Twitter account, and also developing a policy brief based on her book’s main themes. Alongside this, Marchmont developed monthly thought leadership pieces, published in diverse top tier publications as well as arranging interviews to raise the client’s profile.

Outcomes: Within the first three months, Prof. Hadfield was published by Reuters, LA Times, The Hill, Quartz, and TechCrunch, as well as trade publications Evolve Law/Above the Law, and ABA Journal. Prof. Hadfield’s Twitter following increased by 50 per cent with a 15-fold increase in impressions from 9,300 to almost 145,000. Prof. Hadfield received several invitations to write articles or essays, and give interviews.