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Prince of Wales’s Corporate Leaders Group

The challenge: As a network of progressive business leaders, convened at the University of Cambridge, the Corporate Leaders Group represents a diverse range of industries with a common goal: to advocate for a clear and unequivocal target for net zero emissions across Europe.

Our Approach: Marchmont provided a bespoke service that combined long-term strategy and communications such as the coordination of an open letter, with the agility of responding to opportunities that emerged organically from the news cycle. This included generating media opportunities on-site at the Global Climate Action Summit, and engaging with journalists around timely topics such as the phase-out of halogen lightbulbs in Europe.

Outcomes: Over the course of a year, the Corporate Leaders Group engaged with the Financial Times, the Guardian, Reuters, China Daily and Voice of America along with specialist media including Euractiv, Business Green, Edie.net and Climate Home News.